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Vis possesses important place in Croatian culture and history. Only here you can see historical rests of Roman and Greek inheritance, renaissance and baroque monuments. Unavoidable town apart from Vis is also vividly fishing place Komiža. Fishing museum in old citadel will be interesting reminder of long ago forgotten fishing skills. Walking through town's narrow, stone streets leads you to many cottages, squares, fortresses and churches. If you walk from its east part, Kut, towards west you'll see palaces of famous poets of Hvar, Petar Hektorović and Marin Gazanović, native home of Ranko Marinković, notorious writer, Gariboldi's palace. You should not bypass St Ciprianus church, the parish church Our Lady of Spilice and Francirean monastery on peninsula Prirovo.
Significant part of your visit is museum in the fortress Gospina batarija (Our Lady's batarija) as well, which keeps rich and eminent etnographic collection of national costumes of this island and with it describes the way of living in those years, archeological and other values that talk about fishmen's, wine-growers' and shipbuilders' lives then and now. Museum proudly possesses old Greek's implement collection, terracotta-plastic, numerous ceramic pots and vases, amphora collecton which witnesses developed commerce and sea business.
Owing to its posture, Vis had been occupied by many invaders and in front of its coastlines many impetuous battles were led. The famous battle of Vis which took part in1886, on 20 July near the harbour is one of the most important. Its anniversary is celebrated in Vis every year.


It would be a pity to spend your holiday on Vis just bathing, sunbathing and trying the gastronomic delights. Because Vis offers so much more. Besides the numerous excursions (Blue Cave, Green Cave, Queen's Cave, a visit to former military areas as well as a visit to the remote open-sea islands such as Svetac, Palagruža, Brusnik), Vis' varied offer also includes the so called active holiday. You can walk around the entire island along the well marked paths; one of the more famous forms of active holiday is the exploration of Vis landscapes by bike; diving is also very attractive as well as exploring and encountering the island in a kayak.

Vis has several runways for paragliding and for those in search of something completely different cricket can even be played here. There are tennis and basketball courts here as well (the Issa Sport and Recreation Centre is close to the pier itself) and at the beginning of August every year you can take part in the famous swimming marathon from the islet of Host to the Vis waterfront.


The excursion to the Blue Cave is an unmissable part of the offer of most tourist agencies on the island. This blue cave is unique for many reasons and is located on the island of Biševo, just 6 nautical miles from Komiža.
The excursion can take the entire day so after visiting the Blue Cave, you may like to spend the day sailing and bathing around Vis. Then you could have lunch in one of the restaurants close to the shore.
Departures are set during the morning, so it is not possible to visit Biševo and the Cave on the same day of your arrival on Vis.


Besides the excursions organized by agencies, you can sail to the beautiful Green Cave from Milna and Rukavac Bay located on the south-eastern coast of Vis. Local people will be happy to take you in their registered boats on this short excursion where you can swim amongst the green cave's light.


This walking excursion that includes a half hour long drive along an asphalt road to the village of Oključna located high above the bay of the same name on the northern coast is organized by the Visit and Alternatura Agencies. 
An extremely penetrable and spacious cave comprising five high rooms connected together with wide and narrow halls that are rich with stalactites and stalagmites and its entrance is located seventy metres above sea level and faces the island of Šolta.


Another land excursion organized by the tourist agencies includes a visit to the secret Vela Glava, the former barracks located in the centre of the island, then climbing up to the cannon fortresses on the Stupišće cape and walking through the sea tunnel in Parja Bay.


Every day, more ambitious and quality Croatian wine producers want their products to become some of the basic and paramount assets of Croatian tourism. The most well-known of Vis' assets are vugava and plavac mali. You can taste these excellent island wines in the numerous family taverns and wine-cellars on an exciting trail on which you should try to keep your head sober.


Where are the remains of the Roman thermae? Where was the ancient theatre located? Which is the house where Ranko Marinković once lived and which was the one built by Hanibal Lucić? Why in its history was Vis an important strategic base? …this is just a small part of Vis' interesting past and cultural tradition that you can encounter whilst on one of the cultural walks around the town.